Transitcustom GT-R

The Custom transit GT-R is elegant and sporty without loosing on the practicality of its use.
With unique features like CUSTOMTRANSITGT-R.CO.UK  own body kit line, colours or trims, impressive interiors and upholstery.


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Choose how much power and the level of fuel economy that is right for you.
The transit custom Rs comes with an economical and efficient 2.2 litre Duratorcq TDCi diesel engine, 6 speed, manual transmission and front wheel drive.
Improved Power levels:

  • 125 PS / 310 Nm
  • 155 PS / 385 Nm

Both options offer plenty of power loaded or empty. The Ford ECOnetic Technologies offers reduced environment impact and meets Euro stage V emissions standards.


  • AUTO-START UP for efficient fuel economy ( up 10 % reduction on urban driving );
  • Smart Regenerative Charging, charges the battery when it is needed only, reducing fuel consumption and emissions;
  • Gear Changing Shift Indicator, light tells you when its the best time to change gears for improved fuel economy;
  • Acceleration Control for even more fuel economy.


  • Rear view camera;
  • Parking sensors;
  • Optional Cornering light, below 30 mph, when the steering wheel is turned or indicators on, the cornering light will be automatically switched on, allowing you to clearly see where you are turning into;
  • Cruise control  – Ford SYNC Emergency Assistance. Advanced hands-free technology;
  • New, more comfortable front seats- Multifonctional wheel and dash;
  • Wipers that automatically adjust to the rain;
  • Quickclear heated windscreen puts an end to scraping;
  • Ford Easy-Fuel, for foolproof filling-up;
  • Wing mirrors that fold themselves away from harm;
  • Auto High Beam. Helping you see, without dazzling others;
  • Headlights that turn on automatically when needed;
  • Controlled fun with a finely tuned chassis;
  • Maximum grip for greater control;
  • Emergency Assistance in an accident;
  • Extra control during hill starts;
  • An advanced system to help you stay in lane;
  • Driver Alert warns you when it detects you’re tired;
  • A warning behind when you brake sharply-5-star safety to protect you-ESP helps you stay in control whatever the conditions;
  • Control features that adapt to your load-Continuous protection against rolling over;
  • Keeping your trailer safely in line-Maximum grip with minimum effort-Safer braking, whether loaded or not-Extra power for emergency braking;
  • Enhanced airbag system;
  • Maximum protection with a super-strong body shell;
  • A more secure remote central locking system-Anti-tamper shielded door locks;
  • An advanced key fob makes central locking twice as secure;
  • Full steel bulkhead keeps thieves out;
  • Two high level alarm options;
  • An extra, independent backup alarm;
  • The all-new Transit Custom is the first ever Transit with a body containing ultra-high, strength boron steel. Boron and other high or ultra-high-strength steels make up.


The Transit Custom Van has full-height, full-width bulkhead (glazed or unglazed), which separates the loadspace from the cabin, and the choice of two or three seats in the front. Choice of twin sliding doors and choose hinged rear doors or a tailgate.
Van Wheelbase options:

  • Short wheelbase; overall length 4.97m
  • Long wheelbase – (L2) Long wheelbase (LWB): 3.3m (overall length 5.34m)

Vehicle Mass options (GVM):

  • From 2500kg to 3325kg to provide 643kg to 1507kg of payload.

Roof height:

  • Available with one roof height, the Transit Custom offers 1406mm of internal load height;
  • Towing capability;
  • Depending on engine and GVM, the Transit Custom can tow up to two tons fully loaded.


As with the Van, you can choose two or three seats in the front row. In addition, the Double-Cab-in-Van offers an extra fixed row of three seats, behind the front row. Then a fixed glazed bulkhead separates the second row of seats from the loadspace.
Wheelbase options:

  • Short wheelbase (SWB): 2.93m (overall length 4.97m);
  • Long wheelbase (LWB): 3.3m (overall length 5.34m);
  • Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM);
  • From 2700kg to 3325kg to provide 776kg to 1328kg of payload;
  • Roof height;
  • Available with one roof height, the Transit Custom offers 1406mm of internal load height;
  • Towing capability;
  • Depending on engine and GVM, the Transit Custom Double-Cab-in-Van can tow up to 2 tons fully loaded.


The Transit Custom Kombi offers more than 30 different seating arrangements. It has a Flexible Rear Seating system where the seats can be folded and rolled together to take up less space. And it’s quick and easy to create a generous load area: just fold any or all of the back row seats and move them forward, until they’re right behind the second row. If you prefer, the seats can be taken out altogether, giving you maximum load space. The 2nd and 3rd row seats can be deleted as a factory fitted option:

  • Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM)
  • From 3100kg to 3325kg to provide 913kg to 1112kg of payload;
  • Roof height;
  • Available in low roof and high roof. The Transit Custom low roof offers 1406mm of internal load height, the high roof version offers 1754mm of internal load height;
  • Towing capability;
  • Depending on engine and GVM, the Transit Custom Kombi can tow up to 2 tons fully loaded.


  • Frozen White
  • Moondust Silver
  • Panther Black
  • Race Red
  • Tectonic Silver
  • Stratosphere
  • Blazer Blue
  • Deep Impact Blue
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