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We have a wide range of alloy wheels to suit your Ford Transit, in many sizes, styles and colour. At Transitcustom RS we can supply and fit brand new wheels and tyres on demand, our existing stock of wheels is available to for you to see online but also in our Ford Transit dealer ship. Don’t hesitate to come and visit us, discuss and view our alloys stock over a hot cup of coffee or tea. Our friendly team, will be happy to assist you and help you achieve the look you are looking for your Ford Transit.

VW TRANSPORTER body kit and style

We have been designing and offering kitted Ford Transit for over a decade, gained a huge experience in the overall Van dealership game. But more importantly we now know what our customer like in term of designs and colours, we have a wide range of body kit and accessories in stock. In other words, if our existing van for sales are not a close match enough, we are in a position to built your Ford Transit body style exactly as you want, all you have to do is choose what you want and what colour, simple as that. On our body kit catalogue, parts and accessories, are available to allow for every possible body style modifications: we have a long list of kits, such as:

  • Front and rear Bumpers;
  • Front and Rear Bumper lip Add on;
  • Rear Diffuseur;
  • Chassis Lowering Kits;
  • Side Skirts;
  • Chrome bars;
  • Exhaust Pipes;
  • Roof Spoilers, Twin Doors and Tailgate;
  • Side Mirrors kit;
  • Windows and Glazing;
  • Headlight Kit;
  • LED light Kit;
  • FOG light kit;
  • Tow bars.

Here are some exemple of look and designs, from our existing stock, built and sprayed by our Transitcustom RS team:
1. Transit Custom RS

2. Transit Custom ST

3. Transit Custom Tourneo

The new ford people mover, offering generous space and comfort for up to 9 people with a stylish exterior.

4. Ford Transit Custom Street Van

Compact and sporty, the best way to combine work efficiency need and stylish transportation.


You will find that we offer a lot of accessories and option to change the look or update your Ford Transit. Our Chrome kit line is very interesting as it allows you to finish the look, accentuate certain areas of your Ford Transit resulting in a more updated vehicle and reveal some stunning eye catching angles, that will make your Ford Transit stand out on the road.

Below you will find what we offer as well as pictures to illustrate the impact of such a conversation:

  • Front Ford Transit Chrome Grill:

    Below you will see all the Chrome grill we have in stock or fitted over the years.
  • Wing Chrome mirror Covers:

    This is a great way to add style and dimension to look of your Ford Transit, check out the existing offer.
  • Chrome side bars:

    Increasingly becoming the most popular choice for the Ford Transit. Everyone seems to have ditched the idea of the side skirts for the shiny and bulky look of the Chrome side bars.
    They come in different colours, Black and Silver being the only in demand options, we have them in stock, we have them fitted on our existing Ford Transit, in long or short wheel size, but don’t take my word for it, take look at our gallery.
  • Chrome Side steps:

    Not as popular as the side bars but very useful and offers a great visual addition to the vehicle. Now this is more of a practical item, very helpful for accessing your Ford Transit, strong and resistant, it is a great alternative to the Ford Transit side bars.
  • Roof bars:

    Ford Transit roof bars can add to the overall look of your Ford Transit, contrast in colour and added chrome aspect can offer a more refine overall feel. The practicality of the roof is what attracts our customer to choose this option. Even if you do not have any real use for it, the roof bars have so much visual benefit, side bars will improve the style and look of your Ford Transit immensely, especially with side bars of the same colour tone.
  • Chrome Door Handles:

    Great to confirm and finish the look of your Ford Transit, all the existing chrome kit that are fitted, offer in addition a very distinctive look of, refinement, modernity and style.
  • Chrome Mesh Grill:

    Inexpensive but very useful, this mesh can hide or fill gaps that you might want to use as a focal point. Indeed , at Transitcustom RS, we know how to make your Ford Transit stand out and look different. We often, paint these mesh, coordinate them with an ongoing design feel or choice, that can represent your personality, your company colours , your favorite team colours, etc. This does really make your Transit personal and different but also beautiful, attracting the attention of the public, great for any need of advertising or simply showing off if you are into
  • Chrome trims:

    The exterior can benefit from chrome additions, it just adds beauty, style and dimensional visual impact to your Ford Transit.
  • Chrome Fog lights, indicators surround:

    This is the style that everybody is currently looking for. Once your van is fully colour coded, kitted with a great accessories, the chrome surround around the lighting equipments make a full statement, this kind of accessories were only available for high spec and expensive vehicles when they were first introduced (like; limousines, Porshes, Mercedes, etc). Now they are broadly available and really do work magic.
  • Interior Chrome trims and accessories:

    This is a simple and inexpensive way to add style and impress your passenger. Chrome trims are visible as soon as you open the doors and are great visual focale points.
    If the vehicle is used to transport people then it is important to offer that expensive and exclusive look that only chrome accessories can offer.

VW TRANSPORTER van conversion

Transitcustom RS technical team is fully trained and experienced to offer to all our customer a full Van conversion. If you have bought a Ford Transit from us or somewhere else and are looking to transform it into a Camper van in order to enjoy it whilst away with all the family, come visit us. Our friendly team, will be happy to listen to your project and help you find the best conversion package. We offer full interior and exterior conversion like:

  • Ford Transit Pop Up roof Conversion;
  • Ford Transit Bed Frame;
  • Ford Transit Kitchen;
  • Ford Transit Pods – Elements;
  • Ford Transit Fridge;
  • Ford Transit Sink;
  • Ford Transit Hobs;
  • Ford Transit Combi Various Units;
  • Ford Transit Seats Options;
  • Ford Transit Seating Postions;
  • Ford Transit Swivel Plates ( Pivoting Seat );
  • Ford Transit Retrimed seats;
  • Ford Transit Tables option;
  • Ford Transit Flooring Options;
  • Ford Transit Vinyl Flooring;
  • Ford Transit Lining and Insulation;
  • Ford Transit Glazing Option;
  • Ford Transit Fixed Windows;
  • Ford Transit Sliding Windows;
  • Ford Transit Electrical installation;
  • Ford Transit Full Electric and super charger mains hook up;
  • Ford Transit 12 V Sockets;
  • Ford Transit Thermo Insulation;
  • Ford Transit Sound Proof Insulation;
  • Ford Transit Lighting Option installation;
  • Ford Transit Curtains and upholstery Options.



As you probably now know, we do offer a full range of conversion for Ford Transit vehicles. The flooring option is not necessary something we do only for a Kombi conversion, a floor lining can be added to any existing vehicle and adapted to the specific use of the vehicle, with many colours to choose from, for exemple:

  • Vinyl Flooring;
  • Carpet Flooring;
  • Wood Effect flooring;
  • PVC Heavy duty resistant;
  • PVC Thick Protective Flooring;
  • PVC Flooring;
  • PVC Coin Grip Flooring;
  • PVC Block Grip Flooring;
  • PVC Corrugated Rib Flooring;
  • Metallic flooring;
  • Metallic Diamond plate;
  • Easy clean and water resistant flooring;
  • Plastic flooring;
  • Rubber flooring;
  • High quality Carpet;
  • Ply wood flooring.



An other option available for our customer is the possibility to achieve an efficient insulation and lining of your Ford Transit. We can make sure your van is insulated the best way possible, see the exemple below:

  • Thermo Insulation:

    If your Ford Transit use is to carry passengers or sensible load then you might want to Thermo Insulate the vehicle. If your livelihood depends on your passenger transport services, investing in their comfort is a sensible option to consider. We can insulate your Ford Transit in several ways, depending of your need:
    – Passenger cabin and driver’s cab, for total comfort and piece of mind.
    – Passenger Cabin only, making sure your clients are nice and warm is vital to your business.
    – Separate driver’s cab and loading area, you might want to stay warm but your tools do not mind the cold.
    – Separate driver’s cab and loading area, your loading area might benefit from the warmth as you load is sensible to temperature, you might not want your driver’s cab insulated.
  • Sound proof Insulation:

    Your Ford Transit can be transformed to suit any kind of use you may want. Now if you are carrying passengers for professional reasons, or simply because you use the van for your family or leisure time or even because your Transit is your office too and you do not want to be disturb or restricted by any noise at all. Transitcustom RS can help, we offer full sound proofing options:
    – Driver Cabin soundproof from the rear loading area ( Cabin and rear loading area separated ).
    – The whole cabin ( driver area and passenger area ) sound proof from the exterior noise, perfect if you carry passengers.
  • Lining Option:

    A good lining could make a huge impact on your Ford Transit daily use. Depending of what you carry in the loading area, we have an option for which ever use you may have.
    You might need to set up your loading area in order to be shock resistant, water resistant, practical, quite slick so you can easily slide things around or you just might want to have something that looks good and keep it clean because your load will not be a messy one. Which ever way you want it we can propose you the most suitable options for your need and for your budget, give us a call or come down to see us.



Your Ford Transit can be your traveling companion, your hobby van, your business office and tool or just your everyday computing vehicle of choice. What ever reason you choose to use your Ford Transit, the choice of seat numbers, positioning, type of confort, utility can vary, but don’t worry at Transitcustom RS, we have an answer for all your need.
Take look at our existing options below, seat trims choice, colours, seat formations, numbers, pivoting seat etc.

See pictures on gallery


Every single one of our customer, uses their Ford Transit for different purpose and require certain option but most importantly some visual access from the inside whilst keeping their total privacy.
We offer many option, here are a few:

Please have a look at our existing stock.


Now if you are like most of our customer, your Ford Transit is most probably your pride and joy and you are thinking about adding some interesting gadget, for you and your family to enjoy then do not look further, we are in a position to help you.
Here are a few exemples that we can install in your Ford Transit:

  • TV Screens:

    For all the family’s pleasure, long trip do not have to be stressful anymore.
  • DVD players:

    Entertaining your children, your passengers in style.
  • Drop down DVD Players:

    The easiest and most practical way to add fun and entertainment in your Ford Transit.
  • Game Station:

    Take your favourite game station with you on your trips, plug and go.
  • Led Lighting with dimmer:

    This is kool way to transform the ambiance in the vehicle, the kids love it, adults will be impressed and envious.
  • IPODS:

    Play your favourite tunes where ever you go, easy and fast connection.
  • Sound system:

    For those who loves their music, loud and clear. Full installation with high power speakers output, to rock your Ford Transit.
  • Power sockets:

    Most people, after a long flight journey, would have used up their battery power on their phones and laptop but you have made sure this issue is taken care off.
  • USB sockets:

    They serve the same purpose as the power sockets, smartphones all have power cable with USB sockets ends.
  • Connections to your favorite accessories:

    What ever you want to bring with you on a trip or what ever your customer often carry with them, we can help you install a connection hub for these accessories.

Take look at our catalogue.


If you are looking to update or make your Ford Transit stand out, we have a range of solution available to you. Change the look of the front of your vehicle, the rear, give it an updated look of modernity and technology. Maybe you want to add a little extra security to make your journey safer and hassle free, then let us help you.
We offer the following options:

  • LED, day time running light:

    The most popular accessories, modern, stylish.
  • NEW Ford Transit Headlights with LED light:

    We can install this new headlight on your vehicle if you want to enhance and update its look, call us first and check if your vehicle qualifies for this option.
  • NEW Ford Transit LED lights in the bumper:

    Another very popular option, it looks great, makes a full statement and it is without a doubt the most efficient enhancing option of them all, call us first and check if your vehicle qualifies for this option.
  • FOG lights:

    You might have fog light or want to add this features to your Ford Transit, give us a call or come down to visit us, it is an easy and very fast modification for our tea to perform.
  • Reverse sensors kit:

    Adding security to your Ford Transit is always a smart move, it helps with insurance and gives you peace of mind.
  • Reverse camera kit:

    The most efficient reverse security option, anybody can reverse a vehicle but if you want to make sure you do not hit anything then a rear camera view is no match to the beeping sound.
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